A7-A10 VOR


The VOR series are our range of products aimed at homeowner use. Even so the VOR series are still produced to the high standard that characterizes all products BALFOR. The VOR series is a compact but high performance solution to log splitting.

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A7 VOR 350 EM
A10 VOR 500 EM   220V-380V
A10 V 500  PI
A10 VOR 500 ET 220V-380V
Model Weight Wood Dimensions Bar Max Oil Pump Speed 1 Speed 2 Rise HPSpare parts
kg cm cm bar lit cm/sec cm/sec cm/sec
A7 VOR 350 EM7042110X30X622104.55.576.52/220 voltSpare parts
A7 VOR 350 ET7042110X30X622104.55.57.572/380 voltSpare parts
A7 VOR 500 EM8056140X30X622104.55.549.56.52/220 volt 
A7 VOR 500 ET8056140X30X622104.55.551072/380 volt 
A10 VOR 500 EM10256140X30X622301062.56.54.53/220 voltSpare parts
A10 VOR 500 ET10056140X30X6223010104.5117.53/380 voltSpare parts
A10 V 500 PI7856140X35X70230